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The “Forum Hochbegabung” is a community of interested people and a self-help organization of affected families and persons who, for professional or personal reasons, deal with this subject.

We are financially and organizationally supported by partners like health insurances and other cooperative partners.

Our work is based on the following pillars:
- Counseling
- Training (for teachers, educators, pedagogues, psychologists, psychiatrists, colleagues in other social institutions)
- Parentgroup "Highly Gifted Children"
- Events for kids

Our main task is to spread information about giftedness and the special needs of gifted children. We  give advise to parents on their way to understand the needs of their children and to get the right support for their kids. Therefore we help to coordinate the steps that the affected parents have to do and we organize cooperations with other affected institutions. Another important function is to provide education and training and sharing proper research-based information on giftedness.

In order to achieve these goals, we are focusing on regional, national and international partnerships and exchanges.

We offer public lectures twice a year, and every 5 years a symposium with competent and well-known speakers from research and best practice.